[SERIES] Tomodachi ( 友達 ) | Chapter 2

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Title: Tomodachi ( 友達 )

Author : Park JeByung

Lenght: Series [2/?]

Main Cast : Choi Sooyoung (GG), Xi Luhan (ex-EXO), Hyomin (T-Ara), Yoo Jiae (lovelyz), Jin (BTS), Sehun (EXO), Chanyeol (EXO)

Other Cast: YonnA (GG), Kai (EXO), Kim Taehyung (BTS),. Etc

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Comedy Continue reading

[Spoiler] Snow White In Reality Ep 4-2

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Casts belong to Allah SWT. Story © Elisa Chokies

2014-2015 project. do not plagiarize, copycat,
or repost without my permission.

♦Choi SooYoung [SNSD]
♦Jeon Ji Hyun / Gianna Jun [Aktris]
♦Xi Luhan [Aktor / Soloist]
♦Cho Kyuhyun [Super Junior]
♦Kim Myungsoo[INFINITE]
♦Kang Minhyuk [CN Blue]
♦Krystal Jung [F(x) ]
♦Bae Suzy [Miss A]
♦Park Chorong [ A Pink]
♦Yoon Bomi [A Pink]


♠ Yeo Jin Goo/ Myungsoo Children

♠ Shin Dong Woo/Kyuhyun Children

♠Kim Soohyun [Aktor]
♠Kim Woobin [Aktor]
♠Kim Hyun Soo /Sooyoung Children




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