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[Intro] Winterchan


Hello, there!

Lemme introduce myself! /Tiffany’s voice/

Hi. My name is Gelsha. Gelsha Mutiara Dewi. Was born on March 10, 1998 in Kuningan, West Java. I’m 17 years old. A fulltime fangirl, a part time student. I’m a fulltime fangirl who lives in front of my laptop. Sounds pathetic? I love listening to music, I like to sing as well but my singing skill is bad as hell,  I love imagining things and making stories, but I’m still lacking of writing-skill. I’m the type of author who takes 7859769 years to update.

My favorite numbers are 9 and 24. (24 is Sooyoung’s back number. But really, it’s just a coincidence. 24 has special meaning for me)

  • Where to find me?

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  • Know me more here!

twitter: @gelshaa @ohselust

facebook: Gelsha Mutiara Dewi

instagram: @gelshaa

e-mail: mutiaradewi98@gmail.com

askfm: ask.fm/gelshaa

Line ID: snowyautumn

Kakaotalk ID: gelshaa

  • Now let’s talk about my fangirl life.

I’m a hardcore Sooyoungster. Why Sooyoung? Why not?

The Celebrity June Issue 3

A part of Pink Ocean and Galaxy Ocean.

Someday I'll be there. You wait for me
Someday I’ll be there. You wait for me
Someday I'll be there. You wait for me
Someday I’ll be there. You wait for me

and a proud SooHan shipper


Currently, I’m a Sehun stan. He used to be a bias wrecker, only a bias wrecker. But then he turned out to be my first male bias, ahem I mean my husband. Don’t know how he did it. Oh Sehun climbed my biaslist like a rocket.


(But I’m currently dealing with Onew, the new biaswrecker. Ugh Sehun, forgive me!)

I love Luhan and Chanyeol too. I love the maknae line Jo Twins and Minwoo from Boyfriend, Kim Myungsoo from Infinite, Chunji from Teen Top, Jungkook Suga J-Hope V from BTS, and etc. (Forget bc too many husbands) /chokes/

Beside Sooyoung, I love the soloist IU, Hello Venus’ leader Yoo Ara, Soshi’s Jessica (hell yeah I’m a SooSica shipper), and f(x)’s Sulli too.

I didn’t talk too much, did I? Okay let’s just stop here.

반갑습니다 !

Feel free to talk to me 🙂


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