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[Intro] annisahika


SooHun couple

Let me introduce my self ^^

Annisa Hika Nurfida | Hika | Cho Hika | hikavirgonis

August 29, 1997 | Serang, Banten, Indonesia

Art is my Soul ~ Yeah!


Mind to introduce your self?

E-mail | Facebook | Twitter | WordPress | Instagram | Ask.fm



1. EXO


2. BTS

Bangtan Boys


Ultimate Bias :

1. Derp Bias 😀

Choi Sooyoung
Choi Sooyoung

2. Evil Bias -_-

Oh Sehun
Oh Sehun

3. Cute Bias :3

Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung


Other Bias :

Sojin Girls Day
Yoo Ara Hello Venus
Jeongguk BTS


Nice to meet ya~ 🙂

With Love,



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