Family, Fluff, Friendship, Romance

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress


Jung Minrin (@reddsky_10)

transformed from Idwinaya

SNSD Sooyoung || DBSK Changmin || Super Junior Siwon

EXO-M Kris || EXO-K Suho || SNSD Yuri

Length : Oneshot || Rating : PG || Genre : Romance, Family, Friendship, Fluff

Author Note :

Finally!!! After a long time, I publish the sequel of Phone Number. The last sequel is longer than other stories before. And here, every secret about the mysterious boy will be revealed. Who will be the mysterious boy, hm? Can you guess it? XD

Well, for you who haven’t read the stories before, I suggest you the other stories, so you won’t be confused 🙂

Sequel :

Traffic Jam || Express || Phone Number

The rest, happy reading to you all ^o^


Recommended Song : Stand by U – DB5K

where are you now?
who are you with?
what kind of clothes are you wearing?
what are you doing and laughing at?
I am right here
even now, I am right here
and I still believe that we will see each other again
this feeling won’t change
you’re the only one I’m thinking of


“Ada apa denganmu, Soo?” tanya Changmin, menginterupsi kegiatan Sooyoung yang sedang menikmati tumpukan awan putih yang dilewatinya―atau lebih tepatnya sedang melamun.

Sooyoung menoleh ke arah Changmin dan menatapnya dengan jengkel. “Waeyo?” tanyanya kesal sambil menautkan kedua alisnya.

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